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A Chiropractic check-up of the spine, musculature & nervous system after an auto accident injury, is vital for optimal injury rehabilitation and recovery.

The Kevkem Chiropractic Health & Injury Rehab Center website is the key for you to make better decisions about your health and well-being.

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Chiropractic Care, Physiotherapy treatments, Corrective Rehab Exercises, Lifestyle Change Advice, Nutritional Counseling, Hydrothermal Massage Therapy, Spinal & Postural Screenings.

Our Clients Testimonies

" I came to KevKem Chiropractic after experiencing 2 years of chronic neck and shoulder pain and attempting other forms of treatments such as physio therapy, which were unsuccessful.
Following this, I experienced little to no pain, and after 4 sessions I have felt extreme relief where the injury was present. In two years of experiencing chronic pain, Dr. Edith was able to elevate this in less than 2 weeks. "

Vanessa Williams

" Fantastic results. Pulled the muscle in my arm and got treated same day at this clinic. Next day the pain was just GONE!!!! Recommend this place to everyone. They know what to do. "

Yvonne Saleh

" Very knowledgeable about the body and overall health. I am pain free and can feel the the difference in my muscles. "

Maquita Eaton

" I have received many chiropractic treatments from Dr. Edith for several years. She is a very knowledgeable and highly experienced doctor, she has helped me to get rid of my hip and lower back pain.The clinic is well equipped to help anyone with spinal injuries. "

Kate Bolts

"Dr Edith is amazing. She takes great care of my back. She’s professional and caring. I recommend her. You’ll be glad. "

Jules Bar

"I received wonderful care here. I have regained strength in my right shoulder and my pain in my shoulder is gone. "

Debra Davis