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A Chiropractic check-up of the spine, musculature & nervous system after an auto accident injury, is vital for optimal injury rehabilitation and recovery.

The Kevkem Chiropractic Health & Injury Rehab Center website is the key for you to make better decisions about your health and well-being.

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Chiropractic Care, Physiotherapy treatments, Corrective Rehab Exercises, Lifestyle Change Advice, Nutritional Counseling, Hydrothermal Massage Therapy, Spinal & Postural Screenings.

Our Clients Testimonies

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"No More Pains in My Neck! I work for a very fast-paced tech company and spend a lot of time on my PC resulting to frequent stress that I unknowingly carried in my neck. This took it's toll on me, and started to cause me serious pain and discomfort in my neck. I was advised to see a chiropractor and was recommended to Dr. Mobolade via my insurance provider (United Healthcare) I find Dr Mobolade to be personable. She takes the time to also counsel her patients on simple lifestyle changes that would encourage them to heal faster. I felt so much relief with my first adjustment, and also noticed that the pain in my neck had completly subsided by my third treatment since I was supplementing the visits with simple in-home neck excercises. I feel a whole lot better now, and will definitely recommend her to you. "

" I am so glad I went to Dr.Edith after seeing the reviews here on Kudzu. I have worked with a number of chiropractors, but the care and treatment I received from Dr.Edith was phenomenal. She is not one of those types who would do some jerking adjustments and ask you to come back every week. She is so knowledgeable, takes time and gives her full attention when you are in session. She pinpointed my issues without even taking an X-ray and finally took just one X-ray to confirm the diagnostics. She was right on. What is even more impressive is that she utilizes very current techniques and technology, clearly explains the corrective action she is taking in layman terms and told me approximately how many sessions would be needed to rectify the issue in the 1st visit itself. The results were fantastic. I no longer have the back pain I’ve had for 15+ years. Thank you so much, doctor!! "

"There are two chiropractors with plenty of assistant who work with the clients. They have a room where u can relax and receive therapy then they take you to another room individually to get adjusted. Overall it's the best bang for the Buck. "